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For those of you thinking to use Awepay payment processing, please get that thought out of your head right away unless you are willing to donate all your hard earn sales/money to this bunch of scammers!



UPDATE 26-2-2018. Seems like scammer still at it scamming other people as few more have emailed us with their stories and being scammed by this scumbag!

His Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/caseyseow as you can see he is enjoying all his stolen money from you guys travelling and living the high life. For more information, email us and we can provide it to you at awepaysucks@gmail.com.

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So i was looking for a merchant to process payments for my replica businesses and stumbled upon Awepay.com which seemed legit and the person i was talking to(which i found out is the owner) called Casey Seow was very welcoming and would reply to my questions in a matter of seconds. I was 100% transaparent with them about the brands i was selling and he said sure no problem since your brands are not listed under over restricted brands.

So after a few back and forths i decided to sign up since the registration fee was only $800 and they would take it out from my first settlement and i did not have to fork out any upfront payment so i guessed there was no harm.

First month i used a little as i was scared to have too much sales in it and not knowing if there were going to pay me. My merchant account reached a decent sales volume and got a settlement from them which they took the $800 setup fee, 10% reserve & MDR out and paid me the balance. I was so happy as i thought finally i found a merchant with high success rate and pays on time. Little did i know, it was all down hill from here!

Please bare in mind, they do not own their own merchant processing accounts like they claim to do in many offshore countries which is utter bullshit, instead they are agents that go around China to find high risk processors and act as agents on behalf of these merchants using Awepay as a front. They are also illiterate in IT so their module is shit. I had to send the module to coder familar with payment processings modules to fix the whole thing. Also, the first rule most replica high risk merchants do is hide their company name from the module. Awepays name can be found numerous times in the module on your websites checkout page when a person clicks “Inspect Element” which makes authorities get to them faster than you’d think.

All the problems stated when my website was posted on a Blackhat forum stating my site is cardable. Because the merchant account Awepay gave me which is actually from China’s trustspay.com has shit security features. I had customers using Malta and Brazilian cards and their ip address showed they came from Philippines. Isin’t this card security processing basics 101? Lucky enough, i was quick to halt this problem. I banned all visitors that came from the website which the visitors actually believed the website was down and i used a live time monitor to view all visitors coming to my website(which had me sit in front my computer for 18 hours a day over the span of a 3-4 days). I also disabled Awepay and refunded all the scam transactions which was only about 6 of them waiting for it to die down however my other website was fine and i ran Awepay on it continously(thats where most sales came from). I also signed up for FraudLabs & decided to sent a verification email to all suspicious transactions stating that we need them to send us a photo of their card showing the last 4 digits and most customers willingly did it.

While implementing all this security, i also informed the owner Casey Seow about all the measures i’m taking and he seemed happy with it. Bare in mind I, the customer was doing all this instead of the merchant implementing these securities on their end(hence why the above paragraph i state their are IT illiterate). There is only so much a web owner can do from their side to prevent frauds like this. Frauds died off after a few days and everything was back to normal.

casey seow scammer
casey seow scammer

Thank god eh i thought? Out of the blues the owner Casey Seow messages me on Skype saying he has to shut down my merchant account because his “partner” deems me to be too high risk and we have to hold your payment for 180 days. I was sad but the thought of losing all my money did not occur to me as he said 180 days. Then he said he would get me on another China processor which only accepts payments in CNY currency. I  thought well its better than nothing so i went into building a module for my website where on the checkout page, it switches to CNY automatically to be processed when Awepay is selected.

So first, he tells me the fine was for the fraud transactions. After few months, he tells me that i was fined for selling replicas. Motherfucker, isin’t this what i’ve been telling you since starting? I SELL REPLICAS! you fkin imbecile!

So i was waiting for this new MID for a week as he promised. Then 2 weeks went by, and he stopped replying my Skype messages or emails. I had to send multiple messages and email to get 1 reply every month. This is when i knew this money hungry leeching bastard has decided to part with my money. 3 months go by and i started sending him hostile messages because you can only push a man so far before he retaliates right? You can read his reply in the screenshot below 🙂

If you have a story to share about Awepay, email us at awepaysucks@gmail.com

Please excuse the typo and grammar errors because i couldn’t care lesser. The only thing i care is about exposing this con artist!

Special thanks to Shark Processing for helping me in investigating this further. You can read more at http://sharkprocessing.com/awepay-com-world-wide-merchant-account-review/


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